100% pure village holidays

Enjoy the warmth of Kerala from the spice gardens to the backwaters. Get to know the local communities and experience the charms and rhythms of life in the spice gardens, visit the plantations and walk through magnificent forests.  Float through the backwaters and get to know the boatmen, coir rope spinners and mussel collectors. Palm fringed villages, lagoons, rivers and canals weaving between small islands. Turtles and frogs hidden among lush green undergrowth. Enjoy a stay in a wonderful, traditional-style houseboat, built and managed by the local communities. Glide along the backwaters between their strikingly beautiful villages. See the fishermen land their catch and watch as canoes full of coconuts or mussels paddle by. The gentle pace of life combined with spectacular scenery will delight and enthral.  Take a boat ride or an elephant ride. Try out the local drink toddy to deviate from the usual. Enhance your knowledge of culture and history. Spend your leisure time by visiting near-by tourist places and enjoy your holidays by shopping for the beautiful and useful items produced by cottage industries.