Traditional architecture.


' Kadappuram ', the villagers lovingly refer their seashore, the place they live in huts, thatched with coconut palm leaves and away from the bustle of the city, but you hear the sound of waves that kisses the shore and lullaby of birds.We present the charm of the Arabian seashore and so we call our resort'Kadappuram'.  The aim of Vasthusasthra is to provide the human being with an abode that gives happiness and prosperity. Kadappuram Resorts follows this ultimate building science in its architecture which blends the visible with the cosmic energy..  The cottages made with locally available natural materials and built in traditional style in the most scenic surrounding,are naturally cool and eco-friendly.  The inner walls are decorated with traditional mats with vetiver roots inside. the aromatic herbs panelled on the roof always refreshes you.  Here, there are 23 double rooms in 12 cottages spread over 7 acres of golden sand, facing sea.   If the high pace of modern living ever stops to breath……it is here, in our Resort.